bouquet hints and tips

There are so many choices when it comes to flowers and lots or things to consider. You might want to firstly think about the colour as this creates the greatest overall impact. Next thing is to decide on bouquet shape – round, trailing or arm sheaf are the basic styles. The final choice is flower variety and to help you with this try to decide if you like larger defined blooms or smaller petite clusters. Here are a few quick ways to take the confusion out of choosing your flowers.

  • What COLOUR(s) do you want for your flowers? a good contrast or keeping all the bouquets neutral looks elegant 
  • What SHAPE and SIZE bouquet do you imagine yourself holding? round or something trailing are the main options - check out styles 
  • What FLOWER VARIETY would you prefer? e.g. large (like lilies) medium (like roses) or small (like hyacinths) 
  • Is it available and/or in SEASON? check our web site seasonal guide 

 ...put all this together and you will be well on your way to describing your perfect bouquet!

By taking the time to think about colour then flower variety, you will find it easier to define your "look" and obtain an indicative quote. If you still can’t decide, then don’t worry – Brides In Bloom have plenty of great ideas in our portfolio. In the meantime, have a browse through some specialised wedding flower books at your local newsagent and take note of page numbers and other references. Brides In Bloom your bouquets are created with meticulous attention to detail. Each bloom is wired for support and de-pollinated to remove any risk of staining you bridal gowns. Stems are bound at the last minute and petals sprayed down and layered in white tissue ready for air-conditioned delivery.

The moment has arrived; its your wedding day!! .... layers of crisp white tissue are pulled away to reveal your beautiful bouquets. Everything is labelled and beautifully presented right down to the smallest rosebud buttonhole!!

Aisles are adorned with bows, tables are dressed, petals are scattered, and the fragrance of fresh flowers fills the air.... ...everything is perfect.