Bridal Styles

cluster posy

Cluster Posy

This design is strictly round shaped from the front view and softly rounded from the side view. For a formal effect, the same variety is used such as roses. If you prefer a less formal "spring" look a mixture of three to five varieties such as lisianthus, freesias and hyacinth look beautiful together. With this design the posy usually has foliage, such as glossy Camellia leaves around the perimeter.

Flowers with a round/soft head or shape are great for this bouquet style  for example: open roses, parrot tulips, lisianthus, ranunculus, David Austin roses and peonies. Freesia, chincherinchee, sweet peas, hyacinths, bouvardia, privot or pepper berry clusters are great for adding texture.

Petite Small Medium Large
150mm diameter 180mm diameter 200mm diameter 240mm diameter

loose posy

Loose posy

The loose posy is informal in its appearance as its not strictly round or even on the edges. The effect is achieved by mixing different sizes blooms with textured foliage throughout the flowers to give an unstructured natural "just picked" effect. Stems are left natural and slightly longer to accent the design.

Larger, defined flowers work best for this style .Consider tulips, lisianthus, alstroemeria, asiatic or oriental lily, lotus pods, gerberas, freesias, cymbidium orchids, or native varieties. More greenery and exotic leaves helps make the bouquet look informal and relaxed.

Petite Small Medium Large
150mm diameter 180mm diameter 200mm diameter 240mm diameter


Tear Drop

This style of bouquet is formal and structured, and lends itself to more formal proceedings. The style is created with a full domed top (head) and cascades down over your hands to the front of your gown.

With the current trends favouring anything 'vintage', the teardop bouquet has seen a big comeback, with many brides choosing to hold this style of bouquet and have their bridesmaids with a simpler posy version.

Larger flowers like garden roses, lisianthus, lilies, Phaleonopsis orchids and cymbidium orchids provide a terrific 'focal' when teamed with smaller flowers like spray roses, freesias, hyacinth clusters, singapore orchids and filler flowers such as Geraldton wax, pieris, and andromoda. By using several different blooms you can create a softer more feminine combination, or keep the mix simple for a stronger, cleaner look.

Petite Small Medium Large
170mm long 200mm long 250mm long 300mm long

arm sheaf (hand spray)

Arm Sheaf

This is one of the most versatile designs as it can be held in many different ways. The arm sheaf looks natural and elegant for any bride because it can be held in an upward position across the forearm with the top blooms falling over the elbow and the stems held in the bride's hand. The stems end together and the flowers need to be long and cascading, sometimes graduated. Foliage can be dramatic and vines can trail from the bouquet.

Anything long stemmed and structured like roses, lillies, orchids is ideal for this style of bouquet. Or try  tulips, irises, magnolias, antherium and lotus pods.

Petite Small Medium Large
280mm long 330mm long 400mm long 450mm long

long trailing (cascading)

Long Trailing

This style of bouquet is very slender from the top to the tip. It can look quite dramatic with cascades of long trailing vines and flowers flowing down to form a narrow tip. Care needs to be taken to ensure the bouquet is in proportion to the brides height and dress style as it can overwhelm the dress if too large or bushy. A trailing bouquet is held with both hands and carried in line with the hips.

Roses, orchids, tulips or lillies as feature flowers surrounded by smaller flowers like miniature roses, Singapore orchids, jasmine, hyacinths, freesias trailing berries and lisianthus. Using vines like doddavine, stephanotis trails, jasmine and ivy also creates a natural movement within the length of this bouquet.

Petite Small Medium Large
320mm long 370mm long 420mm long 550mm long

wedding accessories


A charming hand made basket can be filled with rose petals to scatter at the brides feet or can be filled to the brim with a cluster of flowers to match your bridal theme.

floral ball

This design can be made to any size and looks beautiful for a flowergirl with a full or box pleat skirt. The sphere of flowers can be made with a combination of blooms to match either the bridal or bridesmaids bouquets

hair flowers

There is nothing as pretty as fresh flowers entwined throughout your hair to complement your bouquet. Flowers can be individually wired and hand threaded or made onto a comb, alice band or circlette.


The groom, fathers, groomsmen and close family friends wear a flower to complement the wedding theme. All our buttonholes come with a glossy camellia leaf and pearl pin

corsages / bag sprays / wrist sprays

Mother and close family relatives and friends traditionally wear flowers of miniature rose buds and tiny orchids pinned to their dress, clutch bag or look charming attached to the wrist.