wedding reception flowers

bridesinbloom will coordinate the decoration of tables, prepare stunning displays of fragrant blooms and transform your wedding celebration with unique and cost effective solutions to complete your bridal theme. Detailed descriptions of the styles and a picture example for each is found below; 

Floral Trough

table floral trough

This is a long and low hedged arrangement of flowers that frames the table. It is a traditional and classic style of arrangement which can sit on the top of the table, or cascade over the front depending on the level of decoration you would like to have. For a full and floral look you can decorate the table from end to end, or try one, two, three or more along the length of the table with clusters of tea light votives in between to create an intimate and romantic feeling.

Wreath Arrangement

wreath arrangement/table oasis garland

This is where flowers are arranged in a circular garland and the centre of the circle can hold a glass bowl or large totem candle. It is a classic style of reception arrangement which lends itself to using a seasonal blend within a colour scheme for the best value and vine interlaced with tea light candle holders. This option is cost effective and can be used around an existing table centre or on its own.

Tall Crystal Candelabra

crystal candelabra wedding hire

Are you looking for something a little more dramatic, but still with a glamorous, vintage feel? Egyptian crystal candelabras are elegant and eye-catching and can be used as a stand alone piece or in combination with flowers. A wreath arrangement (table oasis garland) at the base of the candelabra is an impressive, full and floral look. We also create gorgeous little 'flower pots' in seasonal flowers or clusters of roses, which can be placed at the base of the candelabra without taking the focus from the candelabra. They look amazing sitting on a mirror base to enhance the overall light reflection and atmosphere, or with a light sprinkling of rose petals to add a touch of colour.

Posy Vase

posy vase

Flowers are arranged into a short vase to create an intimate feel within a venue.. This design is popular for round tables and can be repeated on to longer tables by using more than one vase down the centre of the table. Vases can be rounded fish bowls, squat cylinder vases, or square based cube vases. 

Bud Vase Grouping

bud vase grouping

This is a popular look for creating that 'just picked' effect. Iti s often used for weddings with a vintage feel/theme, where the flowers are left a little more relaxed and eclectic. You can use as few as 3 vases in a cluster, and use different shaped vases in different sizes to create interest by having the flowers at varying heights. It looks great when each vase contains one type of flowers, but you can also choose to have little mixed posies in each vase, in your own colour scheme. Narrow tables are ideal for this style of decoration as the vases are usually quite slim lined and look great along the length of the table but you are not restricted to rectangular table; try different vases sitting on a mirror base in the centre of a round table with tealight around the perimeter for a soft and romantic look

tall bulb vase

tall bulb vase

At 60cm tall, these bulb vases sit well over your guests heads, and give you a dramatic centrepiece at a reasonable cost. They also have a thin stem, which does not interfere with the flow of conversation. They are ideal for small full floral posies of roses and lisianthus, or tall and exotic floral arrangements with lilies, and sprays of tortured willow for a bit of extra height. Sit them on a beautiful tropical leaf, or a mirror base to make the vase really stand out from the table cloth. 

tall flute vase

tall flute vase

The flute vase (or pilsner vase) has been a popular choice over the past few years for a tall and dramatic arrangement in larger venues, particularly when they have high ornate ceilings. Try submerging a stem of orchid within the vase, or slightly tint the water to put your own twist on this popular style. Choose larger, focal blooms and use seasonal flowers to make up the bulk for an impressive and cost effective display. 

flower sprinkles